The age of generative AI: Unveiling the next frontier of digital procurement

August 30, 2023 11 am ET | 5pm CET

August 30, 2023 11 am ET | 5pm CET

Generative AI is changing the way we live and work—across all business functions including procurement. While 90% of procurement leaders are convinced that generative AI will significantly change the way of working in the function over the next few years, only 10% have access to the necessary data infrastructure to deploy high-impact analytics use cases. In the end-to-end procurement process, generative AI can help along the dimensions of content generation, insight generation, and interactive engagement—from RFP creation and analysis and negotiation coaching to assessing supplier intelligence and performance.

Join industry-leading procurement executives and McKinsey experts for a 60-minute virtual webinar session to:

  • Find out what risks and challenges procurement leaders see in generative AI adoption and how to overcome them
  • Explore the key building blocks to efficiently deploy generative AI at scale—from adjustments in your tech and data stack to capability building initiatives
  • Learn which unique benefits generative AI in procurement can have on dimensions like productivity and performance

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