Generative AI: Unlocking value for customer engagement

April 20, 2023 | 10:30AM IST | 13:00 PM SGT

April 20, 2023 | 10:30AM IST | 13:00 PM SGT

While Generative AI has been around for years, it has become an overnight sensation with the open-access launch of products like ChatGPT (OpenAI) or LaMDA (Google). Meaningful use of this technology has the potential to significantly augment the value that organizations derive from customer engagement, surpassing the capabilities of legacy conversational AI engines. With leaders already deploying some form of AI – more than 60% expect their AI budgets to increase in the coming years – effectively capturing the value that this technology could offer can be a key differentiator.

Please join the session to:

  • Learn about the distinctive potential Generative AI can bring to your customers, front-line / agents and your organization as a whole
  • Understand and quantify the value Generative AI can unlock for customer engagement
  • Explore what it takes to deploy the technology
  • Discover how your organization can adapt to the fast-changing AI technology updates (GPT-3 vs GPT-4)

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Prasanna Core

Prasanna Kumar Arikala


Michael I Crago McKinsey Talks Operations

Michael I Crago

General Manager

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads

Masa Shimizu McKinsey Talks Operations

Masa Shimizu


ZEALS, Chat Commerce

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Richard Smullen


Pypestream Inc.

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McKinsey & Company

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John Larson

Expert AP

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