Digital Twins in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

July 11, 2024
11am-12pm ET | 5pm-6pm CET

July 11, 2024
11am-12pm ET | 5pm-6pm CET

As organizations pursue tech-enabled operations, digital twins are emerging as a pivotal technology driving efficiency, agility, and innovation. These virtual replicas of physical systems enable organizations to simulate, predict, and optimize operations in real-time, leading to significant improvements in productivity, cost savings, and decision-making.

Join our experts for a 60-minute virtual conversation to explore how digital twins are revolutionizing the manufacturing and supply chain landscape. Our panel of experts will explore the transformative potential of digital twins, sharing insights and practical applications that can help your organization stay ahead in today’s competitive market. They will also take you through case studies that highlight real-world implementations and success, providing valuable insights into the tangible benefits of digital twin technology.

In the session we will:

  • Discuss recent trends in digital twins in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain domain
  • Understand in more detail the use cases and impact digital twins distinctly deliver
  • Learn the first steps in getting started with digital twin use cases for your organization


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